Sebastian Fonzeus Mix 2012-03-12

Fabulous Souls - Take Me - FABULOUS SOUL
Dennis Landry - Sing My Song - SOUL UNLIMITED
Truth - I Can't Go On - ROULETTE
Step By Step - I Always Wanted To Be In The Band - ZAFIRO
Dynamic O - You Touched Me And I Bump You - LIGHTNING
Hank Soul Man Mullen - He Upset Your Dreams - AUDEL
Clarence Ashe - I'm A Working Man Who Needs A Good Woman - J&S
Tommy Bass - (Can't Help It, Baby) This Is My Thing - SOULFUL
Jimmy Lomax And The Vows - Come On Home - CAB
Don Schroeder - I'm Hurtin' - R AND H
Gary Ferguson - Mama Come See 'Bout You Daugther - MOTHERS
Camille Bob And The Lollipops - Got To Get Away - WHIT
Family Tree - Family Tree - ANADA
Nina Dunn - Stay And Dance - FRANCO FD
Billy Jones & Solat - You're Gonna Miss Me - POKER
Hitchhikers - Don't Wanna Live Without You - ABC
Morris - Can We Melt The Ice - PLUSH
William Bostic - Sweet Thang - SOR
New Establishment - Slums Of The City - UNITED WORLD
Joe McLean - Let's Talk About Love - EGO
Don Bryant - What Are You Doing To My World - HI
Bobby Marchan - Funny Style - DIAL
Specials - I Can't Find Another - SATCH
Funnybone Express - All The Way Down - EXPRESS
Satellite Band - Rejuvenate The Fonk - REJUVENATION
Ambassadors - Ain't Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind) - ARCTIC
We Three Ltd. - Girl I'll Always Love You - ASTROSCOPE

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